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Discover Palo Duro Canyon!

Come with us on an unforgettable one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure!

Experienced, fun and informative tour guides.  An exciting and educational adventure for all ages.

Slow, gentle exploration in comfortable, customized vehicles well equipped for canyon terrain.  Open air for great visibility.  A photographer's dream!

Join in discussions of the flora and fauna, geology, geography and ecology of the area.

Listen, as your guide takes you on a journey through history and heritage.  Follow the explorations of early Spanish Explorer, Francisco de Coronado in his search for the fabled 7 Cities of Gold.  Walk the land where cattle rustlers were hanged by the legendary Colonel Charles Goodnight.  Relive the battles of the Red River War, and the heartbreaking life story of Cynthia Ann Parker.

Enjoy fascinating folklore, legends and tales of the famous lawmen, Bat Masterson and Pat Garrett; and notorious outlaws, 'Dutch' Henry and William H. Bonney, aka Billy the Kid.

Venture into a natural habitat where wildlife thrive.  Travel exciting and remote terrain.  Land virtually untouched since the time of our Native American predecessors...where the last, great Comanche War Chief battled the army in an epic struggle for a way of life.  Learn about Native American culture and customs.


Sit back, relax and discover the mysterious enchantment of Palo Duro Canyon...   an incredible marvel of nature that has attracted people for thousands of years.


We promise to provide some of the most memorable moments of your vacation!

Exciting Tours to Fit Your Budget!

Black Hawk Tour

From the canyon rim, our tour begins a slow descent into Palo Duro with spectacular views of Palo Duro Canyon State Park and the famous Lighthouse monument.  400 feet below the rim, we travel along the plateau and around the outer perimeter of Black Hawk Mesa.  Stop to witness the power of water - through time - over solid rock at Legend Falls.  Capture fantastic North/South views of the canyon from Yellow Bear Bluff.  Our tour continues through Mule Deer Meadow, a coloful carpet of wildflowers.  Thrill to the unexpected as we climb up and over the exciting E.J. Pearson Pass on our return to the rim.




1 Hour.  Adult $25.00.  Child $20.00

Hidden Spring Tour

Learn about early cattle ranching and the daily lives of cowboys.  Our tour begins over sprawling rangeland and travels through the fun-filled Drunken Drover and Jackrabbit Draws to visit a Century-Old Windmill and  the legendary Rustler's Graveyard.  Stop to feed the longhorns along the way.  Descend the breathtaking Blindman's Gulch into Hidden Spring, a secluded box canyon, and come upon the Outlaw's Hideout hidden at the base.  Follow along the creek as it meanders through a tranquil paradise of wayward trees, wildflowers and ancient towering cottonwoods in this natural habitat where wildlife thrive.  Stop to explore an authentic Plains Indian Tipi.  Our tour enters the main canyon and continues to Legend Falls to view this marvel of nature.  Enjoy unsurpassed canyon vistas from Yellow Bear Bluff, in Mule Deer Meadow and on our return along Ghost Rider Road.  Great for Kids!

2 Hours.  Adult $45.00.  Child $30.00.

Spirit of Palo Duro Tour

For the truly adventurous!  From the rim to the canyon floor!  Experience the incredible beauty of the canyon that inspired Georgia O'Keeffe's world famous landscapes.  Our journey begins over Ghost Rider Ridge.  Explore the canyon's unique geological features as our path descends and winds along the caprock through Crik Crossin' #1 to Legend Falls.  A photography stop at Yellow Bear Bluff then on to the unbelievable Crazee Wooman Slide to begin our trek to the canyon floor.  Capture 360 degree breathtaking panoramas as we maneuver down the slide and onto Deadman's Crossin'.  Marvel at the miracle of color in this up-close view of the formations known as the Spanish Skirts.  Continue our descent through remote terrain to Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River winding along the canyon floor.  Venture across and travel the bank of the river.  Encounter livestock and wildlife that roam the floor as we head East of the river to our destination, the Ancient HooDoo Site, to witness the geological evolution of millions of years.  Hear the legend of lost gold as we begin our journey to the top over Lost Treasure Trail.

3 Hours.  Adult $65.00.  Child $50.00.





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